Realtors Corner

We create relationships with realtors who want a fresh and distinctive approach to client gift giving!

Many realtors tell us that making gift decisions takes too much time and effort. We understand your industry and will work closely with you to help you tell your story with a style completely your own.

We offer a full range of choices for you to reward your clients with a long lasting and memorable experience:

  • Extensive flexibility in designing and creating client baskets
  • Unlimited options on the size, quantity and price of a basket
  • No obligation or commitment on your part to purchase on a regular or frequent basis. Only order when you need to.

 Among the wide variety of  'Thank You' baskets to consider:

  • Closing
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Referral
  • Sale Anniversary
  • Any Type You Need

Just a few examples of realtors and Nostalgia Baskets working together:


Check out a quick overview of what we can do for you:      

P/T: 571-354-6025