About Us
Why Choose Us

In all of our years in business we've never made the same basket twice and we never intend to! Nostalgia Baskets does not have a large warehouse with hundreds of similar items that are sitting on shelves waiting to be dropped into a basket and quickly shipped out. We would much rather spend our time crafting one unique basket of high quality than send out ten ordinary baskets. We make our baskets from scratch and our level of
attention to personal detail is unmatched because your present is exceptional and one-of-a-kind.

The diversity of our customers speaks volumes about the appeal of a Nostalgia Basket as we have placed orders with people of all ages and walks of life throughout the United States and around the world. Other companies can certainly make the same claim. What makes us different is the distinctive and truly heartfelt reaction we receive in return. We've actually had customers send us flowers to express their gratitude as the result of a deeply personal connection they formed to their treasured gift. One customer took the time to remove just a single item every day from the basket so they could gently savor each precious memory.

Our Gift Gallery tells the whole story. Please take a look at the Gift Gallery descriptions and you'll see how it's impossible for any two baskets to be the same because no two life stories are ever the same. We're proud to say that we are a gift basket company like no other!